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onyx! [Jun. 3rd, 2004|02:31 pm]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |"last dayz"onyx]

"i'm america's nightmare
young black and just dont give a fuck
i just want to get high and live it up
so fuck a 9 to 5
and whitey tryin to slave us
with minimum wages
slammin my niggas up in cages
changing their behaivors
and spittin razors thats outraegeous
smoking roaches is hopeless
we want lazy sofas and sculptures
lady chauffers who fuck us
full house and royal flushes
roll with the rush
its that official nas
got bitches with pistols and cash
we living in the last
my theory is "fuck it"
sexy niggas get obducted
my corrupted
is conducted
through ghettos
sippin amaretto
hand on the metal
foot on the pedal
(never settle)
we wear carolina herrera
dirty donna karan sweaters
wrap over leathers and seudes
gold plated guns and grenades
to blow up
I got news from the informers
I'm trapped in corners
bustin shots at time-warner"

damn i wish onyx was still makin music...
they're from where i'm from...they rap about the shit i went through...they're just some of the realest rappers...damn...they should still be rappin.